10 Best Cities for Arts and Culture in the World


The best cities for arts and cultures in the world are the center of dance and music, theater and museums. The following are the best cities for arts and cultures in the world.

Paris, France


The capital of arts, the city, is well known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Paris is rich in culture which it owes its history a formidable heritage. It possesses the capacity to host a wide range of business activities making it an innovative, dynamic competitive and creative city.

Florence, Italy


From a cultural and historical perspective, Florence is a well preserved and famous city. The city strikes a perfect balance between the old and new, from Michelangelo’s David to the Gucci Museum. Florence is an active center of art and culture and organizes art festivals and exhibitions.

Rome, Italy

Rome is a city where all the realities of the past and present are integrated completely. It is a center of Baroque art and Classical, Renaissance. The typical stratification of styles, cultures, and works of arts that was realized during centuries is the best characteristic of the city.

Kyoto, Japan


The Kyoto art center hosts contemporary art exhibitions with work of artists from several cultures and background. The city creates a superior culture and a strategic location of interaction in world culture. It promotes the areas performing arts such as theatricals, music, and dancing.

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Santa Fe is known worldwide for its diverse art community and vibrant culture. The city has over 250 art galleries and also a variety of museums and even performing arts. Arts collectors come from all over the world to purchase American, contemporary and western pieces. Get to know more the the effects of tequila when you visit this place! 

Vienna, Austria


Vienna is home of best museums and galleries in Europe. It has an affordable and effective mode of transport, and this makes it easy to walk of most significant tourists transport.

Venice, Italy


Venice is a city with a great heritage of art and culture. Beautiful buildings and architecture can as well be observed throughout Venice. Venice hosts a large number of art treasures due to the exposed nature and the prosperity.

New York City


New York is known as America’s cultural capital. It offers a wealth of entertainment and cleaver stimulation. The center of expressionism bohemianism, musical theatre American fashion, and jazz.From the historical exhibits to the Broadway performance to the breathtaking art collections and many more.

London, United Kingdom


The London culture concerns the engineering, museums, music, festivals and other entertainment. The city is widely known to be the cultural capital in the world. It is well known for cultural attractions such as the Tate Galleries, the Notting Hill Carnival, the British Museum and the O2.

Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona city of art is one of the most important in Europe. It has famous beaches and medieval atmosphere of Barri Gotic and modern buildings of Example. Barcelona isn’t a beach fun: folklore and culture are the biggest passion.